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  • JS – Psycho Nitro

    The Psycho Nitro is a modern twist on one of JS’ most loved summer boards, the Nitro. The Psycho Nitro has everything that makes it such a great small wave board – a full nose, flat rocker and deep channels for maximising speed, lift and glide – while the pulled in swallowtail gives it a little more twang and performance out the tail.


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  • JS – Psycho Nitro HYFI

    The latest update on the Nitro small-wave board, the JS Psycho Nitro HYFI extracts most speed and performance possible on small and mushy waves. Innovative HYFI construction makes for a lighter, stronger and faster board that will take your surfing up a notch.


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  • JS – Nitro HYFI

    The JS Nitro HYFI was designed as a small-wave weapon. Innovative HYFI construction makes for a lighter, stronger and faster board that will take your surfing up a notch. A flat rocker and fuller nose lets you generate and maintain speed through the flattest sections of smaller waves, while foiled rails and a slightly pulled in tail retain overall performance and sensitivity throughout the back of the board, allowing you to attack any section that lines up.

    The Nitro HYFI features a single concave running into a double between the fins to provide more lift and liveliness and a smoother transition from rail to rail. The five-fin set up allows you to customise the fin configuration depending on the conditions. The full rails reduce catching and increase speed in and out of choppy or soft sections


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    The Drylock X is the most technologically advanced winter wetsuit since, well, ever. The revolutionary Celliant Black lining has been clinically proven to promote blood flow, keeping you warmer for longer. Other industry-leading features include:

    • Japanese limestone neoprene. Warmer, lighter and softer
    • Waterproof zipper with magnetic closure to lock water out
    • Stitch-free power seams and Fusion X taping for a more durable suit

    Hands down the warmest, most flexible and most innovating winter wetsuit on the market.

    BONUS: When you buy the Drylock X and a pair of Xcel 8mm boots, we’ll include a pair of 7mm gloves for free.

    $689.99 $629.99

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