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  • Modern – Retro

    The Modern Retro Longboard puts a contemporary twist on an old school design, made popular back in the late 60’s, when hanging toes was the in-vogue move. The Retro is wide and incredibly stable. The long parallel rails create a huge stable platform to stand and walk the board, and the full rounded nose is ideal for riding the nose.

    Moderately flat entry rocker provides fast paddling and flowing down-the-line trim speed. The flat section through the middle gives the board effortless glide, and slight lift in the tail enhances turning ability.A long, single concave under the nose provides lift for extended nose time, while vee through the belly and tail allows the rider to transition smoothly from rail-to-rail.

    Forgiving 60/40 rails not only provide bite on the wave face, but also allows for smooth transitional turns off the tail. This log inspired Longboard is all about glide, flow and trimming down the line with style.


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  • Naish – Gerry Lopez 7’4″ Funboard

    Also known as the Cheater, this funboard makes surfing fun and easy. Suiting the intermediate surfer looking for glide and paddle power when it’s smaller without sacrificing performance in bigger waves. This board makes catching waves as easy as riding them.

    Evolved from what used to be called a “mini-tanker” in the early 1980’s, the funboard is actually a shorter version of a longboard. It has been refined through the years to handle a wider range of waves in size and juice. Today’s funboard retains its fuller nose to maximise paddling efficiency and features a bottom shape that is flat-to-vee running out the tail. Modernised rails, edges, bottom rocker and foil make these boards fast, steady and manoeuvrable for heightened versatility in nearly any surf condition.

    $869.99 $699.99

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  • Naish Thrust Windsurf Foil


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  • NeilPryde RS-Flight AL Foil

    The RS:FLIGHT AL is an exceptionally durable high-performance modular Aluminum/G10 Windfoil designed with emphasis on control, stability and early take-off. Perfect as a starting foil to experience your first flights, it also delivers plenty of speed and upwind performance for more advanced riders.

    The aluminium mast and perfectly blended fuselage offer the best structure for maximum strength and minimum drag.The G10 wings were specifically developed for hydrofoiling with an adjustable tail that offers lift trimming options and a vertical stabiliser that provides additional balance.


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