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Customer Questions

How do I find your store locations?

Here’s how you can find us:

Lawrencetown Location:

  • 4144 Lawrencetown Rd. East Lawrencetown, NS B2Z 1P9
  • Phone: +1(902)-434-3040
  • Email:


Halifax Location:

  • 5249 Blowers Street, Halifax, NS, B3J 1J8
  • Phone: +1(902)-405-8440
  • Email:


When do you start teaching lessons?

Lessons are typically taught between May – November. Lesson are weather dependent, meaning the date/time at which your lesson is scheduled can vary on any given day and may be subject to rescheduling if the weather/surf conditions are unsafe or ‘un-fun’ – we’re all about having fun!

Some considerations given before lesson bookings include:

  1. Air/Water Temperature
  2. Surf Size
  3. Wind Speed and Direction
  4. Tide Forecast

For more info on lesson bookings give us a ring: +1(902)-434-3040 or email:

What are the differences in surfing lesson options?

Great question! Below is a breakdown:

  • Beginner Surf Lesson – geared toward first-time and entry-level surfers who may – or may not, have surfed before and want to take the first step toward learning how to surf. Terrific for groups of friends who are looking for a fun, exciting and rewarding experience.
  • Private Lesson – also geared toward first-time and entry-level surfers who may – or may not, have surfed before. However, the Private Lesson provides one-on-one experience with your instructor, granting you a comprehensive understanding of surfing to fast-track your skills.
  • Surfer in Training Lesson – for people who: already have equipment and would like a refresher course on surfing; who want to focus on developing something specific (duck-diving, popping up, generating speed, reading waves, cutbacks, etc.).

If I've registered for a lesson, where do I meet my instructor?

Excellent question. You can meet your surfing instructor at Kannon Beach’s Lawrencetown location, in first floor of McDonald house at 4144 Lawrencetown Rd. East Lawrencetown.


If you have any difficulty finding the store, please call us at (902)-434-3040 and we’ll point you in the right direction! Kannon-Beach-LT-Shop-Road1

I dinged my board! What do I do???

Not to worry! We have a full-service repair shop to take of you. Just call us at (902)-434-3040 or stop by our Lawrencetown Location, at 4144 Lawrencetown Rd. East Lawrencetown, NS.


If you are the DIY-type, checkout this blog post for a quick tutorial!

How To: Ding Repair, Step-By-Step Guide

When should I switch into a Winter wetsuit?

Once the water temp has dropped below 10 degrees Celsius, it’s about to throw on some thick rubber. Typically around December through until April/May

How do I find out what the surf is like?

Refer to our Forecast page for numerous forecasting resources or give us a quick ring at +1(902)-434-3040.

What do I do if a product I want is not on

If any products or information is missing from please let us know! You can contact us by:

Phone: (902)-434-3040 (Lawrencetown Location) | (902)-405-8440 (HFX Location)



How do I get to your store, if I don't have a vehicle?

There are a few shuttle services that offer rides from all areas of Halifax, but one that is most often used and reliable is E.A.S.T. Shuttle Service. Check the link below:

E.A.S.T. Shuttle or (902)-877-7433