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  • Starboard Go 10’2″


    Get up and GO.

    This fun and futuristic stand-up paddleboard is the ultimate board to make the most of your favourite flat water spot. The concave catamaran style hull offers benchmark stability, while a flat standing area provides comfort when paddling and performing yoga. The deep centre channel and flat rocker extend the waterline for the most efficient glide, and a set-back fin position improves tracking and linear hold through the water.


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  • Starboard Whopper 10’0″


    More performance, more versatility, more waves.

    The Starboard Whopper 10’0″ stand-up paddleboard is one of our best-selling boards. Its versatile design means it is equally comfortable for cruising or riding waves. The Whopper’s wide outline provides stability, yet the refined rails give this board awesome manoeuvrability. The 10′ Whopper is the board that changed entry level wave riding and continues to create stoke everywhere.


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  • JS – Psycho Nitro

    The Psycho Nitro is a modern twist on one of JS’ most loved summer boards, the Nitro. The Psycho Nitro has everything that makes it such a great small wave board – a full nose, flat rocker and deep channels for maximising speed, lift and glide – while the pulled in swallowtail gives it a little more twang and performance out the tail.


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  • JS – Psycho Nitro HYFI

    The latest update on the Nitro small-wave board, the JS Psycho Nitro HYFI extracts most speed and performance possible on small and mushy waves. Innovative HYFI construction makes for a lighter, stronger and faster board that will take your surfing up a notch.


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