It’s officially 4/3 season. With the mercury hitting (and hopefully holding) double digits for the first time in 2018, it’s time to pack up the winter suits and get into a 4/3mm wetsuit. In homage to the funnest and warmest surfing season in Eastern Canada, we’ve complied this list of 3 reasons why a 4/3 is the perfect wetsuit for the Nova Scotia summer.

With Eastern Canada’s largest selection of wetsuits, there is something for everyone at Kannon Beach – whether you’re 9 or 90, a first-timer or a seasoned veteran.

It will get you through those cooler days

No one likes being cold. Even in the warmest months of the year the water can be deceptively chilly. A 4/3 will keep you comfortable in waters as low as 10°C while also giving you the flexibility you need to surf to the best of your ability. Arm yourself with a 4/3, a pair of 5mm boots and some 4mm gloves and you’ll be ready for anything the Atlantic throws at you this summer.

Quiksliver Synchro BZ 4/3

Quiksilver Synchro 4/3 Backzip Wetsuit $215


There’s one for every budget

Here at Kannon Beach we have a summer wetsuit for everybody, no matter what your budget is. Whether you’re after something to keep you comfortable for your annual beach holiday or whether you’ll be in the water every day, you’ll find the wetsuit for you on our racks.

Billabong Absolute 4/3 Backzip Wetsuit $229

They’re super flexible

Neoprene technology is getting better with every passing season, it’s now warmer, lighter and more flexible than ever. A 4/3mm wetsuit that fits properly will look like a second skin, and it will feel like one too. Plus, after wearing a winter suit for the last six months, a new 4/3mm is going to feel like a pair of boardshorts.

Xcel Infiniti Comp 4/3 BZ

Xcel Infiniti Comp 4/3 Backzip Wetsuit $399

To make the most of the waves this summer you can’t go past a 4/3mm wetsuit. They’re warm, flexible and affordable and the ideal choice for a Nova Scotia summer. Whether it’s a beauty mid-August day or a foggy, rainy day in the fall, a 4/3 has the versatility, warmth and flexibility to make the most of any conditions. Come and check out these wetsuits and a BUNCH more at Kannon Beach, our experienced staff will match you up with the perfect suit for you.