A guide to warm and happy feet this winter.

Keeping your feet warm is essential to a rewarding surf in the dead of winter. It’s a well known fact that the difficulty of surfing increases at the same rate as sensation in your feet decreases – less feeling in your toes = a harder time on your next wave.  A brand new, top-of-the-line wetsuit won’t do you much good if you can’t stand up on your board because you’ve lost all feeling below your ankles. As we come into that time of year where water temps are quite literally freezing, we’ve put together a list of the warmest, most comfortable boots on the market that are designed to keep you toasty when the water temp drops below seven degrees.

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Xcel Infiniti 8mm

By far our most popular wetsuit boot, the Infiniti is the go-to boot for winter surfing in Nova Scotia. 8mm of neoprene, a round toe design and quick-dry lining make for a comfortable fit and maximum warmth. The hidden seams and the ankle loop are taped and bonded for a more watertight constuction, minimising water entry. A single rubber bottom provides enough sensitivity between your feet and your board, but durable enough to withstand the abuse they’ll see scrambling over rocks and snow.

Xcel Infiniti 8mm 2018

KBP: $89.95

Xcel Infiniti 8mm 2017 – 20% OFF

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Billabong Furnace Carbon X 7mm

The Furnace Carbon X 7mm is Billabong’s premium offering for a true cold-water boot that stands up to our frigid Atlantic winters. Fully lined with Furnace Carbon fleece lining that is moisture-wicking and quick-drying keep your feet warm and comfortable, while liquid sealed seams and adjustable arch strap help to minimise water entry. A split-sole pattern separates your heel from your toe providing superior flex, and an internal split toe offers superior board feel.

Billabong Furnace Carbon X 2017 – 20% OFF

KB Sale Price: $63.99

Ripcurl Flashbomb 7mm

Ripcurl’s thickest boot is lined with their renowned Flash Lining, and constructed from the same E5 neoprene that is standard in all of Ripcurl’s top of the line wetsuits. A stitchless compression strap, velcro shaft closure, and a super thin sole provide structure and durability without bulk. A super lightweight and comfortable boot with an extremely fast dry time, the Flashbomb is a boot that offers superior performance and board feel.

Ripcurl Flashbomb 7mm 2017 -20% OFF

KB Sale Price: $63.60

O’Neill PsychoTech 7mm

The top shelf winter boot offering from O’Neill – masters of all things neoprene – this boot lives up the the high standards you expect from their wetsuit products. Constructed with their super soft TechnoButter 2 neoprene and lined with their toasty Ultraflex Firewall, the PsychoTech boot is one of the warmest around. Fully taped and fluid welded seams inside and out prevent water from entering the boot while a classic round-toe design and hefty pull tape make for a super comfy and warm boot.

O’Neill PsychoTech 7mm 2017 – 20% OFF

KB Sale Price: $91.99

Xcel Drylock 7mm

Last but certainly not least, the Xcel Drylock 7mm – the Grand Poobah of all winter boots. From the TDC lining helping to retain and recycle body heat, to the exclusive ‘donut’ seal that forms a snug fit, to the fully sealed, glued and blindstiched seams, the Drylock 7mm is hands down one of the warmest boots on the market. The engineered sole is simultaneously rigid and flexible – it moves in all the right spots yet has a toe-to-heel rigidity that helps retain its shape. A staff favourite, if you couldn’t already tell.

Xcel Drylock 7mm 2017 – 20% OFF

KB Sale Price – $84.80


Your wetsuit boots should fit like a sock – snug, but not too tight. You want to feel your toes at the end of the boot, but not so far up that they’re curled up and painful. Too big, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing clown shoes in the water. Keep in mind that the boots will give a little in the water, so make sure they fit nice and snug in the shop. Like many other wetsuit products, fit is crucial – if they don’t fit, they won’t do their job. We recommend trying on several different pairs and sizes to find a boot that fits best.

Please note, clearance sizes are limited: call ahead if you’d like to know whether we have your size.

Do your toes a favour and wiggle yourself into a new pair of wetsuit boots this winter.