2018 Xcel winter wetsuits have arrived at Kannon Beach!

It’s almost that time, folks; the north winds are stirring, the water temperature is dropping. Winter is coming and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, and we have to find the silver linings where we can. In this case, these silver linings come in the form of long-period ground swells and brisk offshore breezes. Gives me the chills just thinking about it.

Now, heaving yourself into the Atlantic in January isn’t exactly the most sensible thing to do, but thanks to the wonders of modern wetsuit technology it’s easier than ever.

Xcel are industry leaders in wetsuit design and innovation, so much so that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined their revolutionary Celliant Black lining a medical device due to it’s ability to maximise and promote blood flow. This stuff has been clinically proven to increase energy, performance and stamina, and, most importantly, retain warmth thanks to the way it recycles your body heat.

Picking the right winter wetsuit for you can be a challenging task, but fret not! We’re here to take you by the hand and make choosing the best winter suit for you as carefree as possible.

With the purchase of any Xcel 2018 winter wetsuit and Xcel Infiniti 8mm boots, you’ll get a free pair of Xcel Infiniti 7mm mittens.

Xcel Drylock X 5/4

Xcel lead the charge in wetsuit design and innovation, and the Drylock X 5/4 is the most advanced suit these guys have come out with yet. Packed with features, the Drylock X is by far the highest performing winter suit we have seen. It contains:

  • Revolutionary Celiant Black lining, this groundbreaking fibre contains heat retaining minerals that recycle your body heat, keeping you warmer for longer.
  • A fully waterproof X2 zipper with magnetic closure to lock water out, Drylock wrist seals and Nexskin ankle seals to minimise flushing.
  • Japanese limestone neoprene, and engineered fit, stitch free power seams and Fusion X taping to give you a lighter, more comfortable, more durable wetsuit.

If you plan on shredding all winter without sacrificing too much maneuverability and performance than the Drylock X 5/4 is for you.

RRP: $689.95

KBP: $629.99

KBP with boots and free gloves: $719.85


Xcel Drylock X 5/4

Xcel Drylock X 5/4 inside

Xcel Drylock 6/5

If you can find a warmer wetsuit on the market, I’ll eat my hat*. The six juicy millimeters of neoprene separating you from the midwinter Atlantic, plus the best of industry-leading features we’ve come to love from the Drylock, will make Ltown beach seem like the Mentawais.

  • A combination of Celliant Black and supple quick-dry plush fibers actively retain and recycle body heat, keeping you in the water for longer.
  • Japanese limestone neoprene and a new sleeve design maximise maneuverability without sacrificing warmth.
  • Xcel’s thickest suit, the Drylock 6/5 is the warmest, most technologically advanced wetsuit on the market.

If you wanna be the first guy in the water and the last one out this winter, you can’t go wrong with the Drylock 6/5.

RRP: $569.95

KBP: $549.95

KBP with boots and free gloves: $639.90

*Not really, sorry.

Xcel Drylock 6/5

Xcel Drylock 6/5 inside

Xcel Comp X 5.5/4.5

It’s no easy task to stand up to the powerhouse in the world of wetsuits that is the Drylock, but it’s little brother, the Comp X, has done just that. Recently crowned the 2017 SIMA wetsuit of the year, this suit will take your surfing to the next level this winter.

  • The revamped neck-to-ankle Thermo Dry Celliant is lighter, softer and warmer, which means more time in the water.
  • A watertight X2 zipper with magnetic closure and Nexskin wrist and ankle seals minimise water entry and flushing.
  • One-piece front and back, Japanese limestone neoprene and an eco-friendly dope dye yarn make the Comp X an extremely comfortable and warm suit, with a focus on performance.

If you want a suit that will deliver the goods all winter long but won’t break the bank, the Comp X is for you.

KBP: $499.99

KBP with boots and free gloves: $589.85

Xcel Comp X 5.5/4.5

Xcel Comp X 5.5/4.5 inside

Women’s Infiniti 6/5

The updated Infiniti 6/5 is hands down the warmest women’s wetsuit on the market sure to keep you out there showing the boys a thing or two. Featuring a redesigned entry system, 100% ultra stretch Japanese limestone neoprene and new one piece shoulder panels, the Infiniti is a supremely warm and comfortable wetsuit designed to stand up to our harsh Maritime winters.

  • Thermo Dry Celliant lining in the upper body keeps vital areas toasty warm, while the plush thermo light lower body maximises comfort and warmth.
  • A water tight X2 zipper with a magnetic closure, Nexskin wrist and ankle seals and new FusionX taped seams stop water from entering the suit.
  • Back knee flex grooves and soft, eco friendly dope-dye yarn make for an extremely functional, comfortable and warm wetsuit.

If you’re looking to tackle winter head on in a wetsuit that will keep you toasty warm and comfortable without sacrificing performance, you can’t go past the Xcel Infiniti 6/5.


KBP: $489.99

KBP with boots and free gloves: $579.95

Women’s Infiniti 6/5

Women’s Infiniti 6/5 inside

The single most important thing when deciding which winter wetsuit is right for you is to make sure it is a comfortable fit. Come pay us a visit out at Lawrencetown or Downtown Halifax on Blowers St. and one of our experienced staff members will be glad to help you get into a suit that will keep you warm , comfortable and shredding all winter long.