All of us at Kannon Beach would like to sincerely congratulate Logan Landry on having a go at the World Qualifying Series (WQS). Very few Canadians have competed at this level of surfing, and he is the only east coaster to represent Canada on such a large stage.

Logan is eternally stoked and has been dedicated to living the pro-surfing dream for a long time. He has collected passport stamps from Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, France, Australia, Costa Rica, California, Hawaii etc… He was in a Mazda commercial, has been featured in countless magazine articles, and even made the local news. Logan has always been known for his aerial maneuvers but has been putting in the time to build the fundamental base required for pro surfing, and it shows (see images below).

As Logan’s friend I can tell you the guy gets me pumped to surf on-shore knee slappers pretty much better than anyone. He is the type of guy who will drive 25 minutes in a blizzard to rescue you when your PT Cruiser wont make it out of the Kannon Beach parking lot. Logan has been dedicated the game for a while now and I am proud of him for following his dream. Keep pushing it, keep proving yourself. Happy St. Patricks day, everyone grab an orange fanta and cheers to our boy.

Cheers, Nate

Photos: Scotty Sherin, Braden Wallace, Richard (Mez) Meseroll.