Over the years I have been very proud to have awesome staff and customers here at Kannon Beach. Two of them are in the running to be Canada’s next astronauts, yes you read that correctly. Nova Scotian surfers could be riding high with the stars.

Kevin Spencer and his late father John have been KB customers for 20 years.  Starting way back in the day when our roots were deep into windsurfing.  Both Spencer’s were real men with, shall I say, “Taste for adventure”.  Hunting, fishing, skiing, base camp Everest, boarding of every kind.  Chasing hurricanes for wind and swell.


Scott Bishop and I both grew up in Truro and were lucky to grow up spending our summers living the cottage life. Growing the love of the beach, the ocean, and learning to windsurf.   Scott worked for Kannon Beach during our years at Porters Lake and even helped in the construction of the building.  Scott traveled the world.  Learned to surf in Australia and as it turned out turned into quite the sailor. Not many can say they crossed the Atlantic. Solo.  TWICE.


The topic has encouraged me to reflect on my 20 years in the business, and I am proud of the exceptional staff that I have been lucky enough to have work here at Kannon beach. The once surf bums have now grown up to be; Juel the mom and Teacher, Shane the Doctor, Jenner the Restaurant Owner and renowned Mixologist, Justin the Architect, Roman and Neal the Scientific Technologist’s mapping ocean floors, Beth the Actor, Scott the PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering, Zach the priest,  Jill the Fireperson, Danny the Entrepreneur, Keegan and Bridget both running their own Business, Geoff the Maui Realtor, Scotty the professional Photographer, just to name a few

One to end on is Brent; who while finishing his training with the Canadian Coast Guard gets a distress call from some guy named Scott, Scott was running into some trouble trying to cross the North West Passage.  Part of that conversation went “Scott?  Scott Bishop (potential astronaut)? Scott, it’s Brent Seamone…  What the fuck are you doing?”

Finally, I can’t say enough about my current staff from 2016/17, Nathan, Dave, Josie, Ben, Sylvie, Sam and Luke.  I appreciate all you guys do!

All the best

Jason. K. Beach