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NAISH RAPTOR 7′ V128L (Demo Model)


The widest of the Raptors, the Naish Raptor V128 paddle board brings added stability in a fast, maneuverable, responsive surf SUP. Designed for maximum speed in small, slow waves, the Raptors tear up small to medium sized surf. Feel the speed from take-off with the quad setup, fairly sharp rails, and slab nose. The v-shaped bottom on the nose allows for rail-to-rail turning while dispersing water along the board for a smoother ride during all your SUP surfing sessions. Due to the compact shape, paddlers experience a large sweet spot as well as greater stability, allowing them to ride a shorter board than they are used to.

Constructed with a CNC Cut EPS core with a wood stringer for increased strength and rocker consistency, the Naish Raptor features a half-deck wood reinforcement for impact strength and added durability. Topped with a glass matrix deck and bottom for an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

– Ledge Handle
– Tail Kick
– Leash Plug
– Self-venting Air Valve

$3,549.99 $1,499.99

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