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Haydenshapes – Plunder

The Plunder is a fuller-plane shape board designed to bring versatility and fun to smaller waves. Lots of surface area makes this board effortless to paddle – this added volume and its unique contours and outline allow it to trim with surprising speed in the weakest conditions. Despite its fuller outline, the Plunder packs a performance punch in its diamond tail and slight exit rocker, allowing it to respond when a section lines up.


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A unique and fun small-wave board, the Haydenshapes Plunder combines a full-plane surface area with a performance kick in the tail of the board to make the most of small, mushy conditions. The flat rocker throughout the middle of the board produces speed in all areas of the wave, while the rolled vee in the entry creates a smooth and easy feel when transitioning from rail to rail.

The double vee out the back combined with a diamond tail and a subtle kick in the exit rocker produces a fast and sensitive tail end which can respond quickly when a section lines up.

The funky five-fin set up is what makes this board really fun, making it endlessly customisable to suit any conditions. The single-fin box in addition to the quad fin boxes maximises versatility. As a single fin, pushed to the back of the box, it delivers a free-flowing feel with nice of pivot off the tail.

The 2 + 1 setup, with the single fin pushed to the front of the box, provides a little more speed and directional control similar to a traditional thruster. Finally, as a quad, the board flies down-the-line and across fatter sections while providing the most responsive feel and release possible.

The Plunder is an entertaining board that handles those days where surface area and speed are crucial for maximizing fun. It’s a board that will keep up with your moods, depending on the waves and how you’re feeling, and it has a tendency to reap rich rewards in dismal conditions.


5’10” x 20 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ x 35.26L

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