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    • 10’5” length offers glide on flat-water and fast entry into waves.

    • Shorter length heightens maneuverability and tighter turning.

    • 32” width gives balance for riders up to 105kg.

    Bottom Shape:

    “Mono-concave to double concave to round V”

    • Heavy mid-section V and double concave generate speed with a rail-to-rail
    sensation when standing in the middle of the board.

    • Tail V rocker and outline help to create smooth tight arcs.

    • Fine forward rails, mono-concave nose and ample nose kick provide an efficient
    smooth and safe entry into the wave.

    $1,874.99 $1,574.99

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    Short length makes it easy to whip around for riders up to 95kg.
    32” provides floatation and stability for heavier riders looking for exceptional performance.
    Pulled in nose for dealing with hollower sections.
    Easy access to fun and performance for a range of weights and conditions.
    Available in Blue Carbon, Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot technologies.
    Bottom shape: “Continuous mono-concave to V tail”
    Fine rails forward for smooth entry acceleration with mono-concave bottom shape to V off the tail for lift, speed and agility.
    Thruster configuration and tail kick for smooth on rail carving and aggressive cutbacks.

    $1,945.99 $1,689.99

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