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  • Starboard Drive Starshot BLue


    • 10’5” is the shortest all round shape, designed for
    greater maneuverability and reactivity on the wave.

    • 30” width is stable for lighter riders up to 90kg
    wanting a board that does it all.

    • Narrower width increases speed and tracking
    due to holding the paddle straighter to the board.

    Bottom shape: “Mono-concave to double to V”

    • Mono-concave in the nose creates lift and directs water
    into mid-section double concave for speed and acceleration.

    • Rail-to-rail turning from mid-point of the board.

    • Tail V increases maneuverability for smooth and tight cutbacks.

    $1,874.99 $1,549.99

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  • Starboard 11’2″ Blend ASAP


    • 11’2” length combines glide and maneuverability.

    • 30” width is stable for riders up to 95kg and increases
    tracking due to a straighter paddle technique.

    • Great for flat-water cruising and long board style
    performance in the surf.

    • ASAP Technology allows the board to be extremely durable while still performance oriented.

    Bottom shape: “Mono-concave to double to V in the tail.”

    • Heavy mid-section concave generates speed and rail-to-rail
    reactivity from the middle of the board.

    • Tail V for responsive cutback turning.

    $1,589.99 $1,369.99

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    •Versatility for many riders and conditions.

    • The 33” width offers a stable platform for entry-level
    paddlers up to 250lbs.

    • 12’0” length is the longest in the all round range and
    has the fastest glide.

    • ASAP Technology allows the board to be extremely durable while still performance oriented.

    Bottom shape: “Mono to double concave to V in the tail.”

    • Easy rail-to-rail drive, speed and mid-point turning.

    • Smooth cutbacks when stepping back onto the tail.

    $1,659.99 $1,399.99

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    Watercooled were established back in 1975 in Torquay, Australia, by shaping legend, Kym Thompson. Over the years, Watercooled have pushed surf technology boundaries whilst constantly evolving their boards in terms of shape and design.
    Today, the boards are at the forefront of surf technology, using the latest materials and shaping techniques providing the rider with ultimate levels of performance.

    The 9’6″ model provides an exemplary demonstration of this excellence. Slightly more stable than it’s 9’4″ counterpart, the Watercooled 9’6″ Longboard proves itself to be a very versatile longboard, providing an excellent combination of stability, ease of paddling, and maneuverability.

    This combination of factors makes the Watercooled 9’6″ both an excellent beginner longboard and a great choice for anyone looking to add a longboard to their quiver.


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